the law and practice about relocating a child from the UK


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Leave to Remove or Relocation of Children

departures arrivalsThis website provides information for parents who wish to move abroad permanently with their children after the breakdown of a relationship and for parents wishing to oppose their children moving abroad after the end of a relationship.

The key to success in obtaining permission to relocate abroad permanently with your children or successfully opposing relocation lies in meticulous preparation of your case, backed up with strong supporting evidence.

International leave to remove/relocation of children is a very specialised area of the law. In order to have the best chance of success you are strongly advised to consult solicitors with particular expertise in this area of family law.

What this website is about

Applications for leave to remove children permanently from the jurisdiction (i.e. from the UK) is the main subject matter of this website. It has been estimated by Resolution, the family law organisation, that there are about 1200 such applications to the Court each year, although there are no hard statistics. With the increase in the number of international couples and ease of movement around the world for work and other purposes, the numbers of such applications are on the increase. These cases are often distressing and difficult for everyone, involving, as they often do, two loving parents who happen to disagree about whether it is in the best interests of their children to remain living in the UK or to move abroad, after the breakdown of the parental relationship.

Most applications to the Court for Leave to Remove children permanently from the jurisdiction are made by mothers but the information on this website applies equally to applications by fathers or other carers for permission to take the children abroad permanently, to relocate to another jurisdiction.

About Us

Moon Beever are a firm of solicitors based in Bloomsbury (London) and Essex. With origins dating back to 1851, Moon Beever provides high quality legal services to private and corporate clients at both national and international level.

The Family Law team at Moon Beever is headed by Maeve O’Higgins, the Family Law Partner, who has extensive experience of acting for parents in international relocation cases, including parents applying for leave to remove and parents opposing such applications.